Wedding Ministry


"For as much as marriage is a sacred relation, the ground 
of human fellowship and society, and the most precious to 
mankind; although it be not a Sacrament nor peculiar to the
Church of Christ, it is proper that it be solemnized by a 
lawful minister, that he may give counsel from the Word of 
God to those entering the holy wedlock, and invoke the 
divine blessing upon them" - quoted from the Service Manual

For Wedding arrangement, please book at least two months in advance as there are certain requirements to follow.  We will do our best to consider shorter notice, however, it will depend on the officiant/minister’s availability, and if requirements are met within the time frame period.  For more detailed information, and inquiry, please forward your email to:; or visit our church, @ 200 Finch Ave. West, North York ON.

Note: church, garden wedding, or special venue will be arranged contact email: * Rev. E Limos, is a registered clergy to solemnize wedding in Ontario.

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